Traditional Anniversary Gifts with a Modern Twist Continued


PART TWO: 15th Wedding Anniversary through 75th Wedding Anniversary

Below is part two of a list of traditional anniversary gift materials, by year, and my suggestions for a modern implementation. For part one, click here

As always, these are general suggestions and the true value of gift giving comes from tailoring the gift to the recipient. To create a custom gift they’ll love, reach out to us at


Fifteenth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift: Crystal

Vase, Drinkware, Bowl, Platter, Frame, Glass Geode-Shaped Terrarium, Jewelry, Watch, Chandelier, Swarovski Crystal Adorned Accessories, Champagne, Perfume, Agate-Slice Coasters, Healing or Energy Crystals

Twentieth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift: China

Frame, Mugs, Jewelry Dish, Repurposed China Mosaic or Pendant, Chinese Inspired Art

OR, Experiment with Chinese cuisine, take in a Chinese museum or cultural activity. For the very adventurous: Plan a trip to China! 

Twenty-Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift: Silver

Frame, Jewelry, Watch, Bowl, Platter, Serving Utensils, Barware, Money Clip, Cufflinks, Tie Clip, Candlesticks, Napkin Rings, Clock, Silver Colored Shoes or Handbag, Matching Suitcases, Gas Grill, New Kitchen Appliances

OR, Visit a ‘Silver City’ in the US, Canada or Australia!

Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift: Pearl

Frame, Knife Set, Lamp, Keepsake Box, Ring Holder, Jewelry, Cufflinks, Clothing with Pearl Buttons, Pearl Adorned Accessories, Oyster Book, Shucking Accessories, Aquatic Inspired Art, Canned Oyster with Pearl Inside

Fortieth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift: Ruby

Jewelry, Flowers, Paperweight, Glass Art, Red Wine, Vase, Cookware, Kitchen Accessories, Red Frosted Cake or Cupcakes, Wall Clock, Cashmere Throw, Grill, Adirondack Chairs

OR, Give any gift in a red box or with ruby red wrapping!

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift: Gold

Party with Gold Decor, Jewelry, Locket, Watches, Story of Us Journal, New York Times Anniversary Book, Vase, Engraved Champagne Flutes, Decanter Set, Bowl, Tray, Art, Mirror, Frame

OR, Revisit where you got married, explore somewhere new, have a gathering with friends and family! 

Seventy-Fifth Wedding Anniversary

Traditional Gift: Diamond and Gold

Couples celebrating their seventy-fifth anniversary are likely in their 90’s or older. This is important to keep in mind when selecting a gift. Though tying in the diamond and gold theme is great if you can, it is better to be practical. Seventy-five years of marriage is quite the accomplishment. I would suggest doing something sentimental. That could be a photo or memory book, video or photo slideshow set to music, beautifully framed photo, letter or poem.

Think big and think thoughtful!


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